How to Configure BlueStacks App Player to Use Proxy

BlueStacks is an application emulation to run Android applications on the Windows platform. Almost all applications can be run on this emulator ya know … It’s fun, for those who want to try but did not have any Android device Android. The rivals of BlueStacks are Youwave, Genymotion and Android emulator itself. Both still have never tried, because I’m good use BlueStacks icon smile How to Configure BlueStacks App Player to Use Proxy

In addition to these advantages, there are some shortcomings in this BlueStacks app. I.e. can not connect through a proxy. There are several ways you can do. Among the applications using ProxyCap.

Its use can be seen in

Almost the same, only the files that will be forwarded to BlueStacks is HD file-Network.exe

Here capturan in my BlueStacks, the background again download games through a proxy:

 How to Configure BlueStacks App Player to Use Proxy


Another solution is use PacketiX VPN that bypass proxy. I had written about it in my blog here. You should try it also. But it need more advances Technic.




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  1. Hostname pada saat pengisian proxy settings, terdapat beberapa kolom seperti display name, type, hostname, dan port. Kolom display dan type sudah terisi secara otomatis, sedangkan hostname dan port masih kosong dan harus diisi. Pertanyaannya, apa yang harus ditulis pada kolom hostname? dan port berapa saya harus isi sedangkan saya menggunakan speedy yang tidak ada portnya. Terima Kasih.

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